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G-Media Group is a creative team of skilled professionals in visual designing, digital marketing, web designing, Social Media campaigns, web shops and communications. We analyze the data, find creative and efficient strategy and solution steps to sell more and create to you an effective communication system supporting your marketing and sales. If you want to be number one in Google search and boost your web shop, contact us. We are happy to work internationally with the skilled designers around the Europa area. The company was established in 1996.  

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Arto Tolvanen

The marketer.

Daniel Croitor

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Juho Kinnunen

Art Manager.

Amelia Vatamaniuc

The IT Guy.

Stefan Frunza

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We create and optimize websites that convert. Test our creativity!


You need to promote your business online? We have got you covered.


Do you need a logo, banner, roll-up or other commercial products? Come to us!


Ad creatives, poster design and anything you want for digital promotion.


Do you want your website to become better at converting and retaingin customers? You need proper UX and UI planning.


We host your website in servers that have 99,99% uptime. We choose the fastest servers for your site.


Do you want to create a video/graphic commercial for your company? Contact us for offers.


Today is really important to engage with your users online! We create designs and texts for your social media plaatforms.


Most frequent questions and answers

We are based in Savonlinna, Finland! You can come for a coffee at: Puistokatu 1, 57100 Savonlinna

We have been in the web design market for over 20 years! We have hundreds of projects finished succesfully!

Well nowadays if you have a business, regardless of it’s activity, you should have some sort of online presence. We recommend any business that wants to get more authority and grow faster to have a website designed.

It all depends on the business model you have and the industry you activate in. Depending on these two factors you can either make 1 million euros or lose money. We optimise the websites we create so it will be easier for you to succeed.



TEKOÄLYN KOKEILU KÄYTÄNNÖSSÄ ja vinkkejä kuinka voit hyödyntää tekoälyä sinun arjessa ja liiketoiminnassa.